Total ProtoPie - Learn advanced prototyping without code

Learn all of ProtoPie’s tools and techniques to create amazing prototypes that look and work like the real thing.


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Darren Bennett


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This course will give you a total understanding of ProtoPie and its features which will enable you to build prototypes that look at work like real apps.

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An update on this course, please read

Hi everyone, this course was recorded with and older version of ProtoPie so some of the interface is going to look a bit different. I've update a couple of videos to version 6 such as the interface tour and the new ProtoPie importer. The rest of the course is still relevant and you shouldn't have a problem following along with the current version of ProtoPie. I am updating this course to the new version so If you do buy this course now you will have a resource that will be updated to version 6 early next year.

About this course

Hi, my name is Darren and I'm passionate about prototyping. ProtoPie is my tool of choice when it comes to prototyping and I've been using and teaching ProtoPie to designers within many organisations including NatWest, Sainsbury's, Channel 4 and currently Microsoft.

I work closely with the team who created ProtoPie through their ProtoPioneers programme, a small group of designers and educators who get to work closely with the ProtoPie team directly, contributing ideas and testing new yet to be released features.

If you want a tool that can enable you to create advanced prototypes without the need to have advanced knowledge then ProtoPie is for you!

ProtoPie is an interaction design tool which enables you to create prototypes that you can test on iOS, Android and the Web. Honestly you wont be able to tell the difference between your prototypes and real apps!

On this course, you need no prior knowledge or any coding experience because, well there isn't any code!

ProtoPie uses a simple easy to understand concept model and is designed for designers.

I will teach you what you need to make your app ideas come to life and put them to the test with users on real devices.

You’ll start your journey with ProtoPie by building a prototype of a photo-sharing app called Pieterest.

You’ll first learn how to import graphics from your favourite design tool such as Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

You’ll then learn how to create motion and interaction with ProtoPie’s simple concept model and a wide range of interaction features.

You'll learn how to test on real devices and share your prototypes with others. ProtoPie can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms, in fact, its a must if you want to use those cool hardware features such as camera, haptics and more.

I’ll show you how easy it is to create popular interactions that you can use in real projects as well as how to structure and manage large prototypes so that you can create believable experiences.

You’ll learn how to create realistic transitions and custom micro-interactions to make your prototypes feel authentic and indistinguishable from a real app.

You’ll create personalised features such as favouriting images that really work, no need for linear 'on rails' prototypes here.

One of the things that is unique to ProtoPie are hardware integrations and we’ll be using the camera on your device to add a real photo to the Pieterest app.

We’ll dip our toes into formulas, ProtoPies way of creating amazingly advanced features that won't make your head explode!

Before you know it you’ll be creating prototypes that work like real apps without the complexity and overhead of learning to code. Things that would normally take days to build you’ll be able to create within hours.

I look forward to seeing you on the course

- Darren

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