Posing Like A Pro: Create Your Best Portraits Ever! Part 1

Learn the Foundations of Poses That Will Flatter Your Subjects And Elevate Your Portrait Photography Skills


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Evaluate Your Location / Your Subject / Your Lenses

Create Great Shooting Concepts

How To Use Props to Enhance Your Story

Know the Difference Between Male and Female Posing

How to Pose People with Weight Issues

Know What to Do When Your Mind Goes Blank

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Featured Review:

"It is just perfect, we have a lot of well explained information with lots of samples and also the PDF... just get it trust me." Thank you Carlos Albert Martinez Gomez!

Welcome to our course “Posing Like A Pro: Create Your Best Portraits Ever”!

This is Part 1 of our posing series and is a ‘classroom’ style course, covering the 200 page eBook 'Posing Like A Pro'.

Make sure you download the PDF from lecture 4! I will talk through examples of great poses, bad poses, and things to look for - all supported by images and assignments from the book.

It's the perfect precursor to Part 2 of our posing series: "The Ultimate Posing Flow", which is a live photography studio session, showing you how to implement the poses with real models. Here we focus more on the "do's" than the "don'ts"

Why did I make this course?

Whilst teaching workshops I realized that most of the attending photographers were really savvy about photography techniques and new technology but would freeze when they had to pose the Model or would run out of ideas very quickly.

Nine times out of ten we had the following scenario:

Student talking to the Model: “Do this! Do something completely different! OK good, let’s go somewhere else”.
Me to the Student: “Why don’t you finetune the pose or develop it further?”
Student: “Well, I don’t know how….I don’t know anything about posing!”


So, that’s when I realized 2 things:

First: It was time to write my own book about posing to really break things down as much as possible!

And Second: Why not also turn this book into a tutorial so I could demonstrate all those poses and scenarios?

Because THIS way my photography students could take the book with them to their shoots (for some guidance and reference) AND also watch me demonstrating all those poses (plus seeing overlaid images to understand even better why some poses work and some don’t)

So, let me tell you a few things about “Posing Like A Pro”:

In this course you will learn ALL the THEORY about posing STEP-BY-STEP. You will learn to design poses that flatter your Model and your Client. You will understand the importance of animating the Model’s body and why it’s critical to the Success of Storytelling. Being a great Portrait Photographer means being able to create memorable images continuously AND on the spot. And this is exactly the No. 1 WORRY for many new (and even intermediate) photographers: How can you guarantee your Model or Clients these amazing images, that make them look like a million dollars - time after time after time? (And without that you need to freak out!) 

This is why you will learn the following:

  • How to Evaluate Your Location / Your Subject / Your Lenses

  • How to Create Great Shooting Concepts

  • How to Pose the Body to Look Effortlessly Slim

  • How to Pose Your Model’s Hands in Flattering Ways

  • How to Use Props to Enhance Your Story

  • Learn the Difference Between Male and Female Posing

  • How to Pose People with Weight Issues

  • Learn about the Importance of the Right Light

  • What to Do When Your Mind Goes Blank

  • Why Different Photographic Styles Demand Different Posing

And So Much More!

At the end of “Posing Like A Pro” you will be able to flow through the poses, without your client looking stiff or unnatural and without your mind ever going blank. You will know all the tricks to accentuate your subject’s best features whilst integrating location, lighting and communication.

Also - Our little assignments will help you to practice your photography skills actively to really deepen your understanding of pro and cons of certain poses.

AND: In your course materials in Section 2 (Lecture 4) and again in the final Lecture, you will find a link to your own copy of “Posing Like A Pro” e-book (which includes even more secrets: For example the “7- ingredients-recipe” for producing outstanding photography!)

Intrigued? Ready to Create Your Best Portraits Ever?

Go ahead and watch our previews or - if you want to learn all our tricks right now:

Enroll into “Posing Like A Pro” and let’s get started in creating your own posing flow!

See you soon!



Some reviews:

"I really enjoyed Sandy's course, friendly explained the "how-to" and "why" with no bla-bla (means: not boring) to get the most flattering pictures of/for your clients. I think it covers everything for posing as summary of the greatest books about posing out there. Additionally you get the whole thing as PDF inside the course to download. Very professional, highly recommended !" - Peter Leinfellner


"amazing explanation and a phenomenal instructor" - Lisa Dubinsky


"What a fantastic set of material from someone who clearly has a lot of experience photographing all kinds of people and models. I love how Sandy clearly explains each topic and is very easy to follow and implement. Seems like a lot of instructors talk very high level, but she goes into each detail about posing, and has done a lot of research on the matter. Highly recommended." - Will Perez


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