ISTQB Foundation Level CTFL V4 Certificate Preparation Exams

Prepare yourself for the software testing exam: ISTQB Foundation Level CTFL V4.0 certificate. With detailed explanations


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Prepare for the ISTQB CT-FL V4.0 Foundation Level certification exam

Practice challenging software testing questions

Get professional and detailed explanations regarding every choice

Professional diagrams, tables and illustrations to help you understand the answers

Beat the clock and practice time management during the exam

Elevate your software testing skills and gain knowledge

Identify where your areas of improvements are

Link each question to its corresponding ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus topic

Professional insight and knowledge from ISTQB certified software tester

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Mô tả

Welcome the ultimate ISTQB Foundation Level V4.0 exams / CT-FL (240 quizzes)


By taking our ISTQB Foundation Level tests, you can challenge your understanding of the fundamentals of software testing, gain knowledge, and prepare yourself to get the well-recognized software testing CT-FL V4.0 certificate from ISTQB


What is the structure of these exams?

  • 6 exams mimicking the real ISTQB Foundation Level [ CT-FL ] V4 exam

  • Each exam with 40 questions covering the official exam structure

  • Question distribution across each exam matches the ISTQB standards

  • The same 1-hour limit of the official exam


What is so special about these exams?

  • Our exams mimic the same topic distribution per exam structure

  • Our exams mimic the same K-difficulty level related to each topic

  • Our exams mimic the real ISTQB exams in every aspect. From the language used, style, and structure of questions

  • Our exams are based on the new ISTQB Foundation Level V4.0 syllabus. Built from scratch not re-updated from previous versions


How these exams are written?

  • Our exams are written by a group of certified ISTQB QA experts in the field of software testing

  • A clear explanation and rationale of the correct answer accompanies all questions, including tables, diagrams, and illustrations


Target audience:

This course is designed for those who are willing to take the Software Testing ISTQB Foundation Level V4 exam. However, anyone who desires to evaluate his knowledge base in software testing is more than welcome to take this course. These Foundation Level exams cover the fundamentals of software testing, so they could serve as a good reference for self-evaluation


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