ISTQB Foundation Level chapter-wise exams

Sample exams to practice for the 2018 ISTQB Foundation level new syllabus exam


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Pass the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

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Why should you choose these sample exams?

During my career, I have helped more than 1000 students to prepare for the ISTQB exams. I have more than 800 hours of teaching experience, giving lectures on the different ISTQB Certificates (Foundation Level-Agile Tester-Mobile Tester). That's why I can guarantee you that this course will help you in passing the exam. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me.


If you decide to buy this course, then I can guarantee you the following:

1-All questions in these sample exams are solved correctly, there are no questions with wrong answers

2-All questions are based on the new 2018 Syllabus

3-I will solve any question that you send to me in the Q & A section


These are some of the reviews of the students who used these sample exams to prepare for the exam:


"The sample questions cover almost each module of the syllabus. This helped in gaining confidence about my understanding of each topic in the syllabus."

Blessy Devassy


"Happy to say that i passed the exam with 83% pass mark.Practicing these exams were huge help for passing the exam.The instructor did a good effort on making these questions especially chapter 4 questions."

Anjaly Nair


"Almost 75-80% questions in my exams were from this course. Although wording were different but questions were almost same. Thank you sir"

Arif Bangash


"This course helped me a lot, I have passed my exam with 95%. So big thank you."

Gjoko Parlapanov


"Hi, thanks to this course I passed the ISTQB exam at 71%. These sample exams gave me a better understanding and confidence. I would like to recommend it to everyone who's gone through ISTQB Syllabus 2018 and would like to check the knowledge. Thank you, Tarek for your effort."

Karolina Sobczak



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