Introduction to Payments

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of Payments domain for beginners


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Rachit Sharma


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Understand fundamentals of Payments domain

Identify sources of Payments

Identify entities involved in making a payment

Understand the entire payment process flow

Understand various payment systems

Understand various messaging standards

Understand different types of Payment Products

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Mô tả

I recollect my early days as a Business Analyst. I joined a consulting organisation as a fresh recruit after MBA and my first project dealt with Payments. As someone with no background around this domain, I had to rely heavily on my senior colleagues, had loads of questions, at times I would think that it's a stupid question and end up not asking it. I had to google a lot of things and compile the tons of unstructured information available on the internet so that I could apply it in my project.  My initial few months were definitely a nightmare. I felt less confident going into client meetings and hardly contributed to the discussions. Of course over a period of time my knowledge grew and I got into the game.

As I look back on those years, I wish there was a course I could do which would have made my life easier. Unfortunately there wasn't. That is why today, after spending a considerable time in the Payments industry, I decided to create this course for anyone who is or was in a similar situation.

I have compiled my Payments knowledge and experience in this introductory course to help beginners understand the basics easily and quickly.

This course will give you everything you need to kick start your journey in the world of payments.

This course is not a quick pill to become an expert. That takes years of professional experience. However, this course will cover all the fundamentals and help you in applying them to any real time project scenarios.

What do I get with this course?

In this course, you will learn about:

  • different payment sources

  • types of payment instruments

  • End to end payment  lifecycle

  • payment products &

  • emerging trends

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who:

  • is a fresher and joined a Payments team as a Consultant/BA/Product Owner or Project Manager

  • wants to learn the basics of payments

  • wants to expand their domain knowledge

  • is looking for better opportunities at work or outside

  • is aspiring to gain professional credibility

No prior knowledge of Payments is needed for this course.

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