How to Give Career Readings and Life Purpose Readings

Spiritual Guidance for Careers & Life Purpose - Intermediate Level Course for Tarot and Oracle Cards


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How to Give Accurate and More Insightful Career Readings and Life purpose readings

Go Beyond Beginner Level with Career readings Using Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

Answer questions like: Should I leave my job? When will I find a new job? How can I improve my career?

Answer time frame questions and yes/no questions with careers and life purpose

What decks and spreads are best for Career and Life Purpose Readings

How to identify more challenging and complex career questions with confidence

How to answer accurately questions like 'What is my dream job? or What is my life Purpose?

How to offer spiritual guidance to help your clients align with their career goals

help your clients (or yourself) heal blocks and slumps in their career journey and life purpose journey

How to choose between two jobs

How to do Cold Career Question with no background information about your clients situation

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How to give more Advanced Level Career and Life Purpose Readings now has a Sal Jade Certificate from the Psychic Healing Academy!

With hundreds of five star reviews this is the ONLY course on Udemy dedicated entirely to Career Readings and Life Purpose Readings.

Would you love to discover how to offer professional level Career and Life Purpose Readings? 

Are you wanting to move beyond beginner level in your reading skill and offer more professional level readings to help your clients with accurate and insightful Careers and Life purpose readings? 

Are you experiencing challenges in your own career and finding it hard to find your  life purpose and feel ready to use the spiritual guidance of the tarot and oracle cards to improve your career? 

This course focuses on mastering career readings and life purpose readings beyond basics and beginner level ability.

You will discover some of the common questions psychics get asked about careers and how to give accurate readings to answer them.

By the end of this course you will know how to answer questions on: 

  • Should I leave this job? 

  • How will my career unfold? 

  • Which job should I choose? 

  • How can I improve my career? 

  • What is the best type of job for me now? 

  • I feel like my career has stalled- what should I do? 

  • What is my life purpose? 

  • What is my dream job? 

  • Should I start a business? 

  • How can I improve my business? 

  • Am I in the right career? 

And much more including sections on: 

How to manage toxic relationships at work including bully bosses

How to use different spreads to discover your life purpose

What spreads and decks are best for career readings.

Diving deeper into Celtic Cross readings

Using oracle cards for additional psychic recommendation.

This course is brimming with spiritual guidance and wisdom to help you master your own career and offer career and life purpose readings professionally.

There are also dozens of real life samples of commonly asked career questions and how to master them for accurate readings.

And plenty of opportunities  to practice and improve your own career reading skills.

As this in an intermediate level course please ensure you have completed Sal Jade's Tarot card Success course before doing this course (or have completed another Tarot course) 

It is also highly recommended that you have completed Sal Jade's How to be Psychic: Psychic Development Beginners- or have a basic understanding of how to read oracle cards.

What others have loved: 

This is an exceptional course which covers all the questions related to job, biz and gives us guidance on how to enhance the journey. It also teaches how to answer questions on life purpose and dream job with ease. I am very pleased to have done this course and would definitely recommend others to study this if they are facing challenges regarding answering some complex career and life purpose questions.Thank you Sal for being an amazing mentor.


Wonderful Tarot course from Sal on career specific topics, very thorough, enjoyable and I learned a lot of new valuable things. I recommend the course wholeheartedly to everyone who wants to deepen their tarot readings on the career topic. Thank you very much, Sal!


Sal gives many tips and sample readings in the course. She puts so much work into all her classes. I feel empowered and confident after taking her courses. Thank you Sal.


Super detailed and informative course! So many examples that you can replay to get a much better grasp on the cards and how to go about intuitively channeling the messages for your clients and yourself. I am so Happy I decided to follow this course; at some moments I felt like Sal was giving me free personal readings lol with her beautiful insight, knowledge, awareness and perspectives. I was always one that preferred love readings but this course made me fall in love with helping myself and others on their soul purpose journey with meaningful career advice. Thank you Sal


So if you are serious about being a professional reader or healer- or discovering more spiritual guidance to improve your own career and life purpose- then sign up today! 

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