Crochet Pattern Granny Square - the easiest ever

Learn the basics of crochet in detail and create your own handmade piece quickly and easily


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Stephanie Mallon


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How to master the most crucial fundamentals of crochet

How to master the two most important stitches you will ever need to use

The best way to quickly and easily change the colour of yarn while you're working

How to crochet a modern granny square pillow from start to finish

How to weave in your ends

How to join crochet pieces

And much, much more!

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This crochet course is for anyone who is wanting to start their own crochet journey or for someone who has crocheted before but is looking for a refresher course.

The pattern is written using UK terms. US terms are also included throughout.

· In this beginner-friendly course, you will learn how to create a beautiful handmade item from start to finish that can be cherished by you and your family for years to come.

· Each step-by-step video will firstly show you how to create sample pieces in the 2 stitches that every beginner crocheter needs to know.

· You will then work with me in my step-by-step videos to create your square.

· You will learn how to join your squares together using a basic crochet stitch.

· Finally, you will work with me to create a simple but very effective closure.

· I have also included a bonus video, which will show you how to create a stunning new design, allowing you to expand your skills and confidence and inspire you to create your very own project.

· This course is a virtual workshop where you can work along with me, watching each video and pausing if you need to.

I hope my course will inspire you to try new techniques, expand your crochet skills and create something wonderful.

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