Create a Complete 2D Platformer in the Godot Engine

Learn how create 2D platformer from scratch in the Godot Engine 3, complete with particles, sound effects, UI, and more!


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2D platformer mechanics - double jumping, dashing, collectables, and enemies

Polish & Game Feel - particles, camera shake, scene transitions, and sound effects

UI - main menu, pause menu, options menu, and other elements

Publishing - exporting the project executable, updating the executable icon, and changing the boot splash

Godot Engine Concepts - leveraging a variety of nodes, structuring scenes, signals, and more

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Please note that this course is for Godot 3 and has not been updated for Godot 4. The skills you will learn in this course are largely transferrable to Godot 4, but please be aware of this before you purchase!

This course will cover everything you need to know about creating a small 2D platformer from start to finish in the Godot Engine. This course covers all aspects of creating a complete platformer game in Godot including:

  • Game mechanics like player movement, collectibles, and basic combat

  • Hazards like spikes and enemies

  • A seamless game loop and transitions between levels

  • Scene structure and project organization

  • Sound effects

  • A main menu, pause menu, options menu, and other UI elements

  • Finishing touches like camera shake, basic shaders, particle effects, and UI animations

This list is not exhaustive - please see the course outline for a glimpse into the topics that are covered.

The goal of this course is to show you how to take an empty project and turn it into a small, complete game. In doing so, this course will expose you to many aspects of the Godot engine from input handling, to tilemaps, to particles, to audio, and more. By the time you complete this course, you will feel comfortable working on your own projects in Godot. You will walk away from this course with a solid foundational understanding of making games that are not only functional but also fun.

This course will help you greatly if:

  • You have some game development knowledge and want to learn Godot

  • You have some programming knowledge and want to make games

  • Your games feel sterile and lack polish

  • You struggle to complete games and want to start and finish a project

  • You regularly participate in game jams and want to improve your ability to craft a fun but short experience

Please note that this course is focused purely on the start-to-finish process of making a game. As such, there isn't any time spent explaining fundamental programming concepts. Familiarity with programming is strongly recommended before taking this course. Any programming experience is fine - GDScript is easy to use.

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