Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel and Power BI

An in-depth training on Excel and Power BI for busy professionals who use Excel a lot at work.


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Constantly being updated with new content and covering more areas of business data analysis.

Be more productive and creative in their use of Microsoft Excel and Power BI for business and reporting

Become proficient in using PivotTables for analyzing a large data

Become proficient in the use of VLOOKUP, HLOOK, LOOKUP to get last item, INDEX and MATCH to make automated dynamic dashboarts/reports.

Learn how to use Sorting in more advanced ways: multi-level sorting, sorting left to right.

Learn how to create professional and great looking charts in Excel and understand when to use a particular chart type.

Learn creative uses of Excel and a lot of keyboard shortcuts that saves analysis time

Be introduced to Excel VBA, shown how to create a macro by clicking a particular button twice.

Make a sample Excel VBA userform that gets data from user and input into a table in Excel

Learn Power BI and other new interesting business data analysis tools by Microsoft

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We do regular live support sessions to give a more enriching experience and help you align what you are learning with career growth. Enroll now to get this benefit for life!


Microsoft Excel is the world's most used and versatile business analysis, reporting and strategy software. Having a deep practical knowledge of Excel will turn you almost superhuman at work and increase your productivity. You will be seen as a very efficient, highly competent and indispensable partner in the organization's progress. And, hopefully, it will lead to a much greater career role and opportunity for you.

Power BI is Microsoft's business intelligence and dashboarding tool that enables organizations to have a wholesome understanding of what is happening at all operational levels of the company. With it you can create reports with drill down features, access-level restrictions, auto-refresh, alerts/triggers and interactivity.

This training is going to focus on making you highly proficient in the use of Excel and Power BI for business data analysis, dashboard creation and reporting the professional way. And most of this would be achieved through lots of samples that will be similar to what you'll need at work.

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