Become a Pro Wordpress Custom Theme Developer

Learn to convert any static HTML, CSS template into a fully functional Custom Wordpress Theme in a step by step approach


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You will learn to convert any Static template(HTML, CSS/Bootstrap) to a Custom Wordpress Theme

You will learn the basics of Wordpress as Content Management System

You will learn to Create and Use Custom Post Type

You will learn to Create and Use Custom Taxonomy Type

You will learn to Create and Use Custom Fields on your Custom Post Type

You will learn to create custom sidebar widgets and use them on custom theme

You will learn to create custom Front Page, custom Page templates with sidebar and no sidebar

You will learn to use Wordpress starter theme template like Underscore and Understrap

You will learn many custom configuration and methods of wordpress core engine needed to work with custom theme

You will to organize the files and folders of the custom wordpress theme

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Mô tả

In this hands-on course you will learn to convert any static HTML, CSS template into a fully functional Custom Wordpress Theme which will ready to use in production for any website.

We will learn everything in a step by step approach as mentioned below:

  • 1.1-Installing the software xampp and vscode

  • 1.2-Downloading Wordpress engine

  • 1.3-Setting up wordpress config and database

  • 1.4-Setting up wordpress through its installer

  • 1.5-What is a content management system

  • 1.6-Taking closer look at wodpress

  • 1.7-Detailed walk through of the wordpress backend

  • 1.8-Downloading the static html template

  • 1.9-Static Html tempplate walk through

  • 2.1-Creating all the theme files

  • 2.2-Adjusting the static html template to fit our theme layout

  • 2.3-Moving static markup to header.php footer.php and front-page.php

  • 2.4-Setting up theme information and theme preview image

  • 2.5-Copying main.css to style.css of theme

  • 2.6-wp_head and wp_footer function

  • 2.7-enqueue style file and include header and footer to fornt-page

  • 2.8-enqueue all the javascript files

  • 2.9-fixing the console error for missing javascript files

  • 3.1-Adding multiple theme support capability to our custom theme

  • 3.2-Adding body_class function to header file

  • 3.3-Making site title websiye link and description dynamic

  • 3.4-Displaying website logo uploaded via dashboard

  • 3.5-Making navigation menu items dynamic

  • 3.6-Styling the Menu and Sub menu

  • 3.7-Removing unwanted section from Footer

  • 3.8-Registering Main Sidebar in functions php file

  • 3.9-Registering 3 Footer Widgets in functions php file

  • 3.10-Calling footer widgets and passing dynamic content to from Dashboard

  • 4.1-Fetching Posts from Wordpress Dashboard via WP_Query

  • 4.2-Creating Posts from dashboard

  • 4.3-Display Post Information for each Post

  • 4.4-Creating custom post type

  • 4.5-looping over custom post type on front page

  • 4.6-Displaying Portfolio information for each portfolio and doing wp-reset-postdata

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