Art of Seeing

Photography Composition


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Beyond Photography


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The 7 main principles that govern the Art of Seeing: Brightness, Colors, Simplicity, Closer, Up, Sharpness & Orientation

Beautiful photos follow specific rules

Rule Of Simplicity

Space, Rule of Thirds & Golden Points

Rules Of Closer

Rule Of Space

Live Space, Dead Space, Falling In and Falling Out

Rule Of Geometry

Cube, Odds & Triangles

Rule of Pattens

Repetitive Patterns, Perspective, C-Curves, S-Curves and Starburst

Rule Of Contrast

Layers Contrast, Movement Contrast and Focusing Contrast

Rule of Shadows, Silhouette & Reflections

On-Camera Flash

TTL Settings

TTL Indoor Shooting

TTL Outdoor Shooting

Built-In Flash

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This course consists of 2 major lessons:
1. Art of Seeing
2. Flash Photography Indoor

Learn how to use the many established photographic rules to make your pictures better. You will be exposed to a total of 7 of such foundational rules that will go on to create a total of 30-over sub-rules. By understanding and mastering these rules, your photography compositional skills will improve drastically, making your photos effortlessly BEAUTIFUL.

Learn how to use the flash in TTL mode on top of your camera in this course. You will learn how to beautifully use your flash INDOOR & OUTDOOR. You can now learn how to ditch those silly diffusion domes.

You will learn the rules of why Subjects SHOULD TYPICALLY be brighter than the background because the viewers' eyes tend to get attracted to brighter parts of the photo. With a flash, you can now decide how much DARKER you want to make your background. And making the background darker is good because this will allow your Subject to be brighter, allowing the viewers to easily focus on the subject.

This course has EXPANDED beyond indoor, as it now also covers using your Flash at night and in outdoor locations too.

Apart from videos, there are also articles exploring how to achieve a good exposure indoors while utilizing a hotshoe flash on TTL mode.

Topics covered in this course:

  • the 7 main principles that govern the Art of Seeing: Brightness, Colors, Simplicity, Closer, Up, Sharpness & Orientation

  • In Lesson 1 & 2, you will learn that beautiful photos follow specific rules and shooting beautiful pictures are easy if these rules are followed.

  • In Lesson 3, you will understand the Rule Of Simplicity, which holds the sub-rules of Space, Rule of Thirds & Golden Points, the corresponding Golden Points Numbers.

  • In Lesson 4, you will learn that viewers love to see photos where subjects are Bigger and Closer, hence the introduction to the Rules Of Closer, which has many important technical points for you to master.

  • In Lesson 5, you will understand the Rule Of Space, which covers in detail sub-rules such as Live Space, Dead Space, Falling In and Falling Out. You will learn that by using these sub-rules, you can effectively tell stories with just one single frame of the photo.

  • In Lesson 6, you will learn the Rule Of Geometry, which consists of sub-rules of Cube, Odds & Triangles, and how to apply these rules in your daily photo-shoots.

  • In Lesson 7, we will cover the Rule of Pattens, which is made up of the sub-rules of Repetitive Patterns, Perspective, C-Curves, S-Curves, and Starburst. You will witness how professional photographers specifically choose to employ these rules in certain situations.

  • Lesson 8 is where you will learn the Rule Of Contrast. In this Rule, you will be exposed fully to sub-rules of Layers Contrast, Movement Contrast, and Focusing Contrast.

  • In Lesson 9, you will understand and master the Rule of Shadows, Silhouette & Reflections. By employing the sub-rules within this lesson, you will create stunning representative images like how award-winning photographers all over the world do.

SIX Full HD videos, that will thoroughly explain:
Lesson 1: What is TTL flash and how this mode works
Lesson 2: How to get the most perfect TTL settings on your camera & your Flash
Lesson 3: How to use TTL easily indoor (you will also learn the Famed 5 No. 1)
Lesson 4: How to use TTL outdoor (without those silly diffusion domes)
Assignment 1: 4-credit point assignments where you are guided on how to achieve nicely flash photos despite backlit locations.
Lesson 5: How to use your external flash on your camera at night (without having hotspots on your subjects' faces)
Lesson 6: How to use your built-in flash at night (without those silly diffusion domes)
Assignment 2: 4-credit point assignments where you will be tested on how to achieve evenly flashed photos AT NIGHT despite using no attachment on your flash.

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