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Enjoy over 100 FREE courses at Rendemy

Published at April 28, 2024

From April 26, 2024, Rendemy officially opens a free course stock with the most essential courses for life around 5 topics: Inner self - Health - Building relationships - Finance Key and Professional Competencies.

The free course library includes courses designed by Rendemy team and courses from world-famous instructors. Currently, the free course stock has more than 100 diverse courses on all topics. Particularly, the course inventory will be constantly updated.

This new initiative aims to help everyone access high-quality educational content, eliminate financial barriers and help you possess the skills needed to succeed in a developed world. too fast like now.

How to start studying? 

Super easy, just visit the Free Courses page at Rendemy and you can see information about all free courses. You can also select by course category to see courses that match your interests by selecting category submenus.

Make sure you have connected your Carax Wallet to start learning.

Don't forget to tell your friends about the free course store

The free course stock is also one way the Rendemy team wants to facilitate new users in the learning experience.

As a referrer, you can also help introduce free courses to your friends to build downlines and passive income when your friends buy paid courses in the future if desired.

>> Learn more about how to receive commissions in USDT when your downline buys a course at the Udemy Sales Hunt page.

Hope you find your favorite courses at great prices at Rendemy!

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