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Receive 10% commission in USDT when refer a downline to purchase Rendemy course

Published at April 22, 2024

From April 19, 2024, you will receive a 10% course referral commission in USDT to your wallet as soon as your friends buy the course via that course referral link.

Where is the course referral link?

To get the course referral link, you need:

Step 1: Connect wallet to Rendemy
Step 2: Visit Rendemy's Big Deal and search for the courses you want to recommend to your friends. All course search results here are the same as when you search for a course at Udemy. The course you search for can be your favorite course or a course you know that it can be useful to your friends.

Click on the search result, you will immediately see the course link with suffix with your referral code. For example:

On your desktop browser, you will see a course link like this in the browser address bar. Please note referralid suffix=[your own referral number]

You can also get the course referral link through the "Share course and receive commission" button right on the course detail page.

Some important notes about receiving commissions

You will receive a commission from any course buyer who pays through the course link with your referral ID, regardless of whether they are not your downline. This shows that the ref ID in the referral link is a top priority so you can receive revenue commissions.

For buyers who already have a referrer and pay for the course without using a course referral link, the referrer will receive a commission.

Currently, the commission rate is 10%. % referral commission for course purchases may vary.

Tip to recommend the course to friends

One of the top reasons users like to buy courses at Rendemy is that the courses are discounted at least 50% and up to 90% off compared to Udemy.

Sharing knowledge must be an interesting and useful activity, right? Hope you get lots of commissions from this activity. Try it today!

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