SharePoint Online: Complete Guide to Microsoft SharePoint

This is an online course and we will not be using any coding in this course, so no coding experience required.

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What you'll learn

What is SharePoint and why it's useful

Understand SharePoint site design and structure

How to create SharePoint sites

Set up site design and navigation

Customize communication site with different web parts and design

Customize SharePoint site and pages with web parts and widgets

How to create and manage libraries and lists

Create and manage public and personal views in lists/libraries

Apply versioning to documents

Automate business processes using Power Automate workflows

How to manage access for shared contents

Create hub sites and why it's useful

Understanding Power BI to generate reports

Understanding OneDrive for Business

How to customize user roles and permissions

How to create and manage permissions inheritance

Create a free Microsoft 365 trial account

How to add users and assign licences

Difference between SharePoint Team site and Communication site

Apply site templates to SharePoint sites

How to create and manage different types of Sharepoint pages

How to create sub-sites

Identify and create metadata columns

Manage contents within document libraries and lists

Creating relationship based lists

How to share documents and sites with users

Create news posts within Sharepoint

Customize forms using Power Apps

Create Microsoft Planner boards for task management

Manage security and permissions for SharePoint site

How to create unique permissions for libraries/lists and items

Course content

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179 Lessons

15h 40m

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Beginner level course to learn SharePoint Online from scratch and become an expert to manage and work with Microsoft SharePoint Online.

This is an online course and we will not be using any coding in this course, so no coding experience required. You will not be required to download any software or files (except resource material) to learn this course.

Step-by-step and easy to follow instructions with examples of why/how you need to create and manage:

  • SharePoint Sites (Teams, Communications, Hub Sites, Sub-Sites)

  • Site Design/Theme and Site Layout

  • SharePoint Site customisations

  • Power Automate Workflows

  • Security & Permissions

  • Sharing Contents/Files with internal and external users

  • Document Libraries

  • Lists & relationship with other lists

  • Different columns types

  • Public and Private views

  • Metadata for columns

  • Site Pages

  • News Posts

  • Web Parts

  • Twitter/YouTube integration with SharePoint pages

  • Microsoft Planner

  • Integration of SharePoint with Microsoft 365 application such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Bi, Planner

  • Power Apps to customize forms

  • OneDrive for Business (Personal Site)

You will also learn how to set up the environment from scratch using trial licence from Microsoft, which will give you a good  understanding of how the users are managed within Microsoft 365 Admin centre and what some of the activities are performed by SharePoint Admins. If you already have access to SharePoint Online then you do not need to set up any trial license.


Some of the Skills you will master by doing this course:

Effortless Navigation: Master the art of seamless navigation within SharePoint Online, ensuring quick access to vital information.

Optimized Document Management: Implement advanced techniques to efficiently manage documents, folders, and libraries, enhancing organization and retrieval.

Enhanced Collaboration Strategies: Harness powerful collaboration features to facilitate real-time co-authoring, version control, and concurrent editing, fostering enhanced teamwork and productivity.

Branding and Customization Mastery: Elevate your organization's image by tailoring SharePoint sites using branding elements, templates, and themes that align with your corporate identity.

Streamlined Workflow Automation: Increase operational efficiency by integrating workflow automation via SharePoint Designer or Power Automate, reducing manual tasks and streamlining processes.

Granular Permissions and Security Expertise: Develop a robust understanding of user permissions and security settings, empowering you to manage access meticulously and safeguard sensitive data effectively.

Optimal Lists and Libraries Management: Learn to expertly create and manage lists and libraries, optimizing data storage, retrieval, and analysis.

Strategic Site Creation and Governance: Acquire strategic insights into the creation and management of sites, subsites, and site collections, aligning with diverse business requirements.

Seamless Office 365 Integration: Leverage SharePoint Online's seamless integration with other Office 365 applications to foster efficient communication and collaboration across the organization.

Upon course completion, you'll possess the skills and knowledge needed to leverage SharePoint Online as a pivotal tool for elevating collaboration, optimizing processes, and driving tangible business outcomes.













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