Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM 1) - Practice Exams - 2024

Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM I) Mock Exams with Bonus Product Owner (PSPO 1) Exam - 400 Questions - Apr 2024 (PSM1)


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What you'll learn

Help students prepare for the official PSM exam with realistic practice tests that simulate the format and difficulty level of the real test.

Reinforce Scrum concepts and principles with targeted questions and detailed explanations, allowing students to test and improve their knowledge.

Reinforce knowledge of Scrum framework, including events, artifacts, and rules, like the Sprint, Product Backlog, and Definition of Done.

Help students apply empirical process control and continuous improvement principles to project management and team development.

Provide feedback and explanations to help students identify areas for improvement and build their understanding of Scrum practices.

Provide real-world examples and case studies of successful Scrum implementations, and challenge students to apply their knowledge in similar situations.

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Professional Scrum Master Practice Exam | PSM 1 | Practice Exam 1


Professional Scrum Master Practice Exam | PSM 1 | Practice Exam 2


Professional Scrum Master Practice Exam | PSM 1 | Practice Exam 3


Professional Scrum Master Practice Exam | PSM 1 | Practice Exam 4


Bonus Content | Professional Scrum Product Owner Exam | PSPO 1 | Practice Exam 1


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Unlock your potential and boost your Scrum career with our complete and comprehensive PSM 1 practice exams package, designed to help you pass the certification on your FIRST TRY!

This course offers 4 full-length PSM 1 practice exams with a total of 400 questions, designed to simulate the actual exam experience. But we don't stop there! We're also including a bonus PSPO 1 practice exam to account for the Product Owner related questions that often appear in the PSM 1 exam. This extra content gives you a competitive edge and ensures you're ready for anything the real exam throws at you!

Our course provides you with:

  • 4 PSM 1 practice exams with 80 questions each

  • Bonus PSPO 1 practice exam of 80 questions, to supplement your scrum knowledge from the perspective of a Product Owner

  • In-depth explanations and feedback for each question

  • Expert guidance to help you understand Scrum concepts and the Scrum Master role

Join the hundreds of students who have successfully passed their Scrum Master Certification with our proven and effective learning approach.

Why choose our course?

  1. Comprehensive Practice Exams: Our PSM 1 practice exams cover all aspects of the Scrum framework and the Scrum Master role, ensuring you're well-prepared for the real exam

  2. Realistic Exam Experience: Our practice exams simulate the actual exam experience, so you know what to expect and can face the real test with confidence. ( Identical question formats, similar difficulty level and accurate coverage of all knowledge areas)

  3. Bonus PSPO 1 Exam: Get an extra edge by preparing for Product Owner related questions that often appear in the PSM 1 exam with our bonus PSPO 1 practice exam.

  4. In-Depth Explanations: Understand the reasoning behind each answer, allowing you to learn from your mistakes and solidify your Scrum knowledge.

  5. Expert Guidance: Have your questions answered quickly by our Scrum experts, who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your certification journey.

  6. Risk-Free: 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Take the first step toward a rewarding Scrum career and enroll in our course today. Experience the satisfaction of passing your Scrum Master Certification on your first attempt, and unlock exciting new career opportunities!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Scrum Masters

  • Current Scrum Masters looking to boost their career

  • Product Owners

  • Scrum Developers

  • Agile Professionals

  • Anyone looking to gain a solid understanding of Scrum concepts and the Scrum Master role

Note: This course is an UNOFFICIAL training and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in partnership with Scrum(.org)



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