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Arun Singhal B-Tech, MBA (IIM-B),Unilever, J&J, Danone, IIMU, Cello


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What you'll learn

Concept and Heirarchy of Strategies

Business Strategy, Model & Plan

Winning Business Strategy

Generic Winning Strategies

Creating Differentiation

Attaining Overall Cost Leadership

Winning Business Strategy Formulation Process

Winning Business Strategy Formulation Case Study

Business Modelling

Business Planning

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14 Sections

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Facing challenges in building a successful business sustainably? Need to know how to build a business successfully and sustainably?

Take a look at this Udemy course only where you will

· Learn how to build a sustainably successful business because...unlike other courses we not only tell you how to formulate a winning business strategy, understand a business model and develop a business plan in a practical way with a lot of real life examples and case studies but also a lot of new things in a structured manner!

· Gain Practical Experience by seeing and doing real life case studies

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I was fortunate to learn systematically about the Business Strategy, Modelling and Planning while working with my Managing Directors at J&J India when I was a Director of Sales, Marketing and Operations over the years. We worked with our MDs in formulating the Business Strategy and Plan for the Consumer Business for many years and it became a way of way life for us. The Signature of Quality application required to be submitted to the J&J Worldwide helped us understand and describe our own Business Model in great detail. This process of Signature of Quality also helped us refine our approach to Business Strategy and Planning by asking us tough questions!

Later on I used these learnings to successfully develop the Business Strategies and Plans for some of clients when I started my Consulting Practice. It was of one of the things that they loved! Here I bring you those best practices for you to leapfrog in gaining excellence in this field!!

What I am sharing with you here is not taught in management institutes in this detail but used in the industry. You have an opportunity to learn such a process and apply for your business by discussing with me as you go along in the course

Look at what are students like you saying about this course

"Highly Recommend: Currently enrolled in the "Excellence in Business Strategy, Policy, Modeling & Planning" course, and it has proven to be an incredibly enlightening and enriching experience. The course covers fundamental concepts and strategies comprehensively, offering valuable insights into the intricate world of business strategy. Key Takeaways: Concept and Hierarchy of Strategies: The course skillfully navigates the landscape of business strategies, providing a clear understanding of their conceptualization and hierarchical structure. Winning Business Strategy: The course places a strong emphasis on crafting a winning business strategy. Exploring generic winning strategies, creating differentiation, and attaining overall cost leadership has significantly deepened my strategic thinking. Formulation Process and Case Studies: The practical aspect of the course, particularly the formulation process and case studies, offers a real-world perspective. Analyzing and formulating winning business strategies through case studies has been particularly insightful. Business Modeling and Planning: The inclusion of business modeling and planning expands the course's scope, equipping me with the tools necessary to create robust business models and effective plans. Instructor Arun Singhal brings a wealth of experience as the Founder and Managing Partner of Enrichmentors, coupled with extensive industry expertise. This practical and industry-relevant dimension enhances the course significantly. Arun's expertise, combined with the well-structured curriculum, has undeniably elevated my understanding of business strategy, policy, modeling, and planning. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to sharpen their strategic acumen and make informed, impactful decisions in the business world. Many thanks to Arun Singhal and the Enrichmentors team for delivering a course that genuinely lives up to its promise of excellence"

"Marvelous content and great experience"

"Excellent course, well organized, and very informative. Thanks for sharing all this knowledge."

"Loved the course. Great teaching."

"great explanation!"

"Great Course"



"Excellent course, well organized. Thanks for sharing all this knowledge"

"Its been an awesome experience learning from an industry expert. Thank you"

"The course has a lot of insights in the near future of setting up a business"

"Very specific and useful course with detailed process of Business Strategy"

"The course is not just about the theoretical aspect of a business. The examples cited by Arun sir, made the course all the more interesting and also gave us a clear idea about how business strategies are formulated and business models are devised."

"Telling about business strategy in a practical way."

"sir, your course content and teaching style to be engaging and informative. Your responses to their reviews show that you are committed to helping them succeed and that you are constantly working on improving your course offerings. Keep up the great work!"


"Very good"

"Well experienced detailed course"

"clear and concise !"

Preview for yourself many of lectures for FREE covering each section. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and understand your Business Model, formulate your Business Strategy and Plan for you to start building a successful business sustainably! If don't like the content, please send us a message  about how can we modify it to meet your expectations.

Please remember that this course comes with Udemy's 30 days Money Back Guarantee.



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