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CERTIFICATE COURSE: Master Professional Level Relationship Readings with Tarot, Oracle Cards & Spirit Guides


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What you'll learn

Use Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards to Give Accurate Love and Marriage Readings

Confidently Answer Questions like When will I meet my soulmate? When Will I get Married? Will We Get Back Together? What Does he/she Think of Me and More

Use Your Intuition and Angel and Spirit Guide connection go Give MORE Detailed and Accurate Love Readings

Improve Your Love Life by Consulting the Cards and Channelling psychic information about Your Romantic Future

Attract more clients with your accurate love readings

Enhance your healing sessions using your psychic gifts and cards for your clients to improve their love life

How to Handle More Challenging Clients when Giving Romance Readings

How to enjoy giving romance readings

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The ONLY course on Udemy that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on Relationship Readings with hundreds of 5 star reviews!

Features a Sal Jade Certificate from the Psychic Healing Academy!

Updated and current on November 2022

Do you want to be a professional psychic reader and would love to discover how to give accurate and insightful relationship readings? 

Are you already a professional psychic reader or healer- and want to improve your ability to accurately interpret psychic information about love and relationships  using Tarot Cards, Oracle cards and by connecting with your guides? 

Do you want to improve your own love life and discover how to give yourself professional standard readings to improve your relationships? 

Did you know that over 60% of questions you will get asked as a professional Tarot Reader or psychic reader are about romance? 

This course can help you give professional level Relationship readings with Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and Spirit Guide and Angel Communication.

It's perfect for anyone who wishes to be a professional reader, improve their Tarot readings and improve their oracle readings.

By the end of this course you will know how to: 

Answer the commonly asked romance questions like -

WHEN will I get married?

Is this the right person for me?

Will we get back together?

When will I meet my SOULMATE?

Is my partner being unfaithful? 

What does he/she THINK of me?

Where is this relationship going? 

How can I improve my love life? 

You'll also discover: 

  • How to give improve your accuracy in romance readings

  • How to give more advanced level oracle card and tarot card readings for love

  • How to help your clients heal their love life

  • How to interpret past lives in romantic readings

  • Understanding soulmates in relationship readings

  • The ONE thing you never expect from a romance reading and how to manage it

  • How to give romance readings on Facebook and social media

And much more!

You will get DOZENS OF SAMPLE READINGS with real life client’s questions- and plenty of practical activities to increase your confidence with romance readings

And you will discover THE BEST DECKS AND SPREADS to use for romance readings to get the best results

This course is perfect for you if you are wanting to give psychic readings as a full time career or even just to earn some income on the side.

It’s also ideal if you are a healer and would love to use oracle cards, tarot cards and your intuitive connection with your guides and angels to offer your clients spiritual guidance-

And as always,  I am here to help you along the way- to give you my very best support and assistance

What others have LOVED: 

This is an amazing course to purchase. I recently have been struggling with my clients to understand how I should talk about their relationships/soul mates or loved ones. SalJade has made me realise how to go around things to make it easier for them to understand. It has now broadened my view to take a lot more courses with her. Thank You for the experience!


I absolutely loved this course. I was not very confident about doing love readings, and in this course, Sal has given me different perspectives on cards that I commonly come across. I now have much more insight in how cards can apply differently, based on what kind of questions you ask. I highly recommend this course!


A brilliant course that gives you an excellent understanding in interpreting the cards for love readings. I love how Sal always interprets cards with caring and compassion. She is great at answering questions on the Q&A boards. I recommend this course for people who get asked for love readings all the time.


She is easy to listen to and this is making my experience even better. i came here to see that i was on course with my readings. i have trouble making connections with the cards to each other and this has helped clarify them for me.


I really enjoyed this course!  More than half of my clients come to me for Love / Relationship readings, and even though I'm quite experienced and confident giving them, this course has given me extra tips and pointers ;-) Love your courses Sal!! I highly recommend all of Sal's courses, have been taking them for over a year now, and she is an amazing teacher!!


With over 13 years as a professional psychic, clairvoyant healer and psychic healing coach Sal Jade will give you all her best strategies to give romance readings with confidence and ease just like an expert.

So if you are serious about discovering how to give accurate Love readings like an expert sign up today!



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