Investment Funds in Canada (IFC /IFIC) Question Bank

The IFC certification from CSI prepares you to advise clients about their mutual funds investments


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The IFC certification from CSI prepares you to advise clients about their mutual funds investments based on their objectives, timeline and risk tolerance.

It also explains a mutual fund representative's legal, ethical and professional responsibilities .

This question bank help you to prepare for the exam

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This course discusses the financial markets and mutual fund industry . In a series of recorded videos we would be discussing about

  • Your role as a mutual fund sales representative

  • The importance of the "Know your client" rule and how to apply it

  • Analyzing the risk-return relationship of investments

  • Explain the process of creating and managing investment portfolios that meets client's needs

  • The different types of mutual funds

  • The function of exchanges and clearinghouses

  • Assessing mutual funds performance and fee structure

IFC is a regulatory exam conducted by CSI . It is generally taken by learners planning to enter in financial services / Banking sector in Canada.

About the Instructor :

I am a qualified CFA and CFP  professional who takes pride in providing education and tailor-made advice to clients. I believe that right advice and education can significantly influence client experience.

I have over 10 years of experience in providing clients with education related to financial planning and wealth management services. Feedbacks from customers, that I have contributed to their financial well being is a testimony to my prowess of understanding their needs, creating investment policy statements and providing investment solutions.

I believe in continuous improvement and have completed Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner certification. These certifications have evolved my understanding of financial markets, products, ethics and processes. I have a comprehensive understanding of money management, mortgages, insurance, taxation, retirement products and financial planning process. I have expertise in handling investments via instruments like stocks, mutual funds, fixed income instruments and complex products like hedge funds, structures and private equity.

I acknowledge the importance of financial literacy for the society.I have conducted numerous training sessions via classroom and virtual modes These training covered various aspects of financial planning and portfolio management. I am extremely proud that in my previous firm we could reach four hundred thousand investors through these initiatives. I am also reverent of the fact that I was a part of a team that conducted the largest stock mind competition for students . I have developed 1000+ hours of e-learn and video content

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