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Up to 90% discount when purchasing courses with RND tokens

Published at April 18, 2024

From April 17, 2024, you will receive a shocking discount of up to 90% when purchasing courses at Rendemy and paying with RND tokens.

Maybe you don't know

You can search for discount deals on all courses at Udemy by visiting Rendemy's Big Deals Hunting Page and typing keywords into the search box.

All course search results here are the same as when you search for courses at Udemy. 

The miracles are

  • Prices of all courses are always 50% cheaper.
  • You don't need to waste time finding coupons or applying discount codes.
  • Pay and enjoy studying right at Rendemy, no need to go anywhere else.

Always 90% discount if you pay with RND tokens

Indeed, when checking-out, you just need to choose to pay with RND, the course price will be further reduced by up to 90% on the current selling price. You would be surprised with this great price! Remember to make sure you have enough RND in your Carax Wallet to pay. You can buy RND at Nemoswap.

Hope you find your favorite courses at great prices at Rendemy!

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