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[Join the Course] Discover the Potential of PLUS1 Token - Get an Airdrop of up to 24,000 PROP

Published at April 25, 2024

Continuing the special collaboration between Rendemy and Propeasy, we are delighted to introduce a new course - "Stable Returns Up to 20% with Luxury Apartment Landmark Plus and PLUS1 Token".

This course not only provides you with the most comprehensive overview of profit potential and the process of participating in the latest PLUS1 token sale - the newest real estate token in the Propeasy ecosystem but also offers the opportunity to receive additional PROP tokens (Propeasy token) through an airdrop program upon course completion.

Airdrop Information

1. Event Duration: February 22nd - March 3rd, 2024

2. Rewards: A total of up to 24,000 PROP tokens will be airdropped to 2,024 participants who complete the course and quiz the fastest.

Reward Distribution:
The distribution of PROP tokens will be based on criteria related to possessing GAST and PROP tokens in participants' wallets. Specifically, during the event period:

- Participants with at least 1 GAST in their wallet: Receive 20 PROP
- Participants with no GAST but at least 1 PROP in their wallet: Receive 10 PROP
- Participants with neither GAST nor PROP in their wallet: Receive 5 PROP

3. How to Participate:

- Step 1. Complete the Course: Visit [link] and connect your Carax wallet to begin learning.
- Step 2. Finish the Quiz: Answer all questions correctly in the Quiz.
- Step 3. Update Email Address: Ensure you have updated your email address in the "Account Information" section on Rendemy.

Important Notes:
- The Airdrop event only applies to the first 2,024 users who complete all 03 required steps and do so the fastest.

- Results are expected to be announced no later than March 8, 2024, on Propeasy's media channels.
- Besides receiving PROP, all participating users will still receive points as usual.
- In the event of any dispute related to PROP, Propeasy's decision will be final.

Introducing Propeasy

Propeasy isn't just an investment platform; it's a simplified solution for real estate investment. By leveraging Tokenization technology on the RENEC Blockchain, Propeasy allows everyone to access 4.0 real estate investment channels easily and transparently.

PROP - Propeasy's Native Token:

PROP isn't just a reward; it also offers unique benefits when participating in Propeasy investments. To understand PROP's benefits, read more at [link]. Currently, you can access NemoSwap DEX, connect your wallet, and trade PROP 24/7.

GAST - The First Real Estate Token:

GAST is the first real estate token in Propeasy's ecosystem, representing ownership rights to profit shares from the "G6000 Gas Station and Automative Showroom Complex" in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. Currently, you can also access NemoSwap DEX, connect your wallet, and trade GAST 24/7.

Connect and Follow Propeasy at:
🌐 Website Propeasy | 🐦 Twitter PropeasyGlobal | 📣 Telegram Propeasy


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