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RND Tokenomics Announcement

Published at October 4, 2023

RND is a token of the Dapp Web3 project in education on the RENEC Blockchain. The total supply of RND is 50,000,000 RND.

RND token's supply allocation

RND is a token of the Dapp Web3 project in education on the RENEC Blockchain. The total supply of RND is 50,000,000 RND. The supply of RND is structured with allocations as follows:
  1. Community supply accounts for 49% of the total supply, ~ 24,500,000 RND
  2. Development team supply accounts for 15% of the total supply, ~ 7,500,000 RND
  3. Liquidity supply accounts for 6% of the total supply, ~ 3,000,000 RND
  4. Supply for marketing activities accounts for 9% of the total supply, ~ 4,500,000 RND
  5. Treasury supply accounts for 11% of the total supply, ~ 5,500,000 RND
  6. Development funds for educational projects account for 10% of the total supply, ~ 5,000,000 RND
The community supply of RND tokens is distributed to the community that supports Rendemy's development through all activities on
The airdrop program will take place over a period of 2 years, starting from August 1, 2023, to August 1, 2025. After this time period, any remaining supply allocated for the community will be burned.


RND liquidity operations take place at NemoSwap DEX. The liquidity pool for RND at NemoSwap is allocated with certain limitations on a monthly basis to ensure maximum benefits for long-term supporters and holders of RND.
The liquidity pool source is provided by the Rendemy team and strategic investors. Rendemy is also a strategic partner of RENEC Foundation. The project's development always goes hand in hand with the development of the RENEC blockchain ecosystem.

Token Utilities

At Rendemy, we believe that education truly helps you reveal your talents and build beneficial knowledge and concepts for yourself. Knowledge exists everywhere and from anyone. Even a short video lesson or just a saying can help open up the knowledge of many people. We believe that knowledge will help create material wealth. 
The Rendemy community includes members who participate in learning and members who share valuable courses and content. All members of the community will enrich each other's knowledge for a comprehensive wealth.
The RND token represents the value of the Rendemy community. It is also a common token that recognizes the efforts and values of the community. The Rendemy development team is pioneering the development of technologies to fulfil the mission of the dapp in the ecosystem.
Specifically, you can own RND tokens through activities such as:
  • Learning and receiving crypto (Learn & Earn).
  • Referring friends and receiving RND (Refer to Earn).
  • Using RND to tip members who share courses or within the community.
  • Using RND to purchase advertising at Rendemy.
  • Using RND in governance activities and policy voting at Rendemy.
  • ....
Above all, the value of a token will depend on the trust and support of the community. Rendemy team is committed and deeply attached to the project as an integral part of the RENEC ecosystem.


Phase 1: (November 2022 - April 2023)

  • The precursor is the Learn & Earn program at Remitano, with rewards in RENEC tokens.
  • Pioneering the development of foundational courses centred around the 7 comprehensive richness themes as the foundation of the Rendemy community.

Phase 2: (May 2023 - July 2023)

  • Separate from to become the first web3 education platform on the RENEC Blockchain.
  • Develop the Learn and Earn program at Rendemy.
  • The RND token is introduced and used as a reward at Rendemy with liquidity on NemoSwap DEX.

Phase 3: (August 2023 - October 2023)

  • Develop a referral program at Rendemy, also known as Rendemy Affiliate, allowing users to earn commissions from downlines.

Phase 4: (November 2023 - January 2024)

  • Users can participate in sharing/selling their courses at Rendemy.
  • Users can use RND to donate or tip course owners.

Phase 5: (February 2024 - April 2024)

  • Learners and content creators of video lessons can share advertising revenue at Rendemy in Token RND.
(The roadmap will be continuously updated.)

We would love for you to contribute your ideas to help build the Rendemy project on the RENEC blockchain ecosystem. Please join our communication channels with the Rendemy team through:

>> Feedback and feature request channel:

>> Twitter channel:

>> Discord channel:

>> Facebook Fanpage:

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