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Published at January 29, 2024

🔥 "Rendemy Airdrop Frenzy" Event - A special opportunity to receive Rendemy's RND token airdrop

Don't miss out on Rendemy's exclusive offers in the upcoming time along with exciting collaboration events with Dapps like Propeasy and Renec Lend

Join Rendemy's Telegram group, where the latest exclusive information is provided. Moreover, seize the opportunity to own RND tokens in the Airdrop event organized on our Telegram group.

How to participate

  • Step 1: Join Rendemy's Telegram group: @RendemyOfficial
  • Step 2: Ensure you send the correct message syntax to qualify for your Airdrop chance. At the time of the Airdrop, we will provide specific syntax for each round.

Rewards & Airdrop Schedule

  • Rendemy will conduct 2 Airdrop rounds with a total of 500 RND for each round.
  • 150 participants who correctly send the required syntax in each Airdrop round will be randomly selected to receive 3.33 RND per wallet!
  • The Airdrop schedule will be exclusively announced in the Rendemy Telegram group. Each round lasts only 1 hour.

Important Notes

  • Valid wallets must be linked to the Rendemy account and have completed KYC level 2 verification.
  • Each Telegram account is allowed to send the syntax only once for each Airdrop round.
  • We will announce the list of the luckiest 150 participants within 48 hours after each Airdrop round ends. RND will be distributed to the lucky wallets within 4-5 working days after.

Follow Rendemy's Telegram for the exact Airdrop confirmation timing. Don't forget to invite your friends to join. Good luck! 🌈🌟

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