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Rendemy course creator airdrop with total 200 RND rewards 🚀

Published at October 23, 2023

Share your knowledge and get the chance to earn an airdrop of 200 RND!

Rendemy is excited to introduce a brand-new feature – Rendemy Course Creator. Now, users have the opportunity to share their knowledge, craft their own courses, and make them accessible to the Rendemy community.
To mark this significant milestone, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Course Creators Airdrop Program.

1. Airdrop Details

    • Reward: 10 RND will be awarded to 20 creators of the first 20 courses approved on Rendemy.
    • Duration: the Airdrop program will run for 14 days, starting from 2/11/2023 to 15/11/2023.

2. Scoring Criteria

To qualify for the Airdrop, course creators must meet the following criteria:

    1. Course Category: Courses must fall under the 5 following categories: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Self-Development, and Learning Skills.
    2. Course Length: Each course should consist of at least 5 lessons.
    3. Creativity in Content Delivery: Courses should exhibit creativity and originality in content delivery to engage learners effectively.
    4. Community Value: Courses should offer valuable knowledge and skills that benefit the Rendemy community.

3. Airdrop Allocation

Rendemy's organizing committee will review and evaluate course content. The top 20 creators whose courses meet the criteria within the 14-day timeframe will be rewarded with the Airdrop, receiving 10 RND each.

We encourage all Rendemy users to try the Rendemy Course Creator feature and take this opportunity to contribute high-quality educational content to our platform. Together, we can create a more enriched and educated community.


Thank you for being a part of Rendemy's educational journey!

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