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Refer friends and Earn Up to 40% in Commissions

Published at August 29, 2023

🚀 Exciting News! Introducing the Rendemy Referral Program

Rendemy Referral Program makes it easy for you to earn additional income by referring friends to join and complete courses. 

Both the referrer (upline) and the referee (downline) are rewarded when they refer others and complete courses at Rendemy.

Upon meeting the program's conditions, the upline will receive commission points, calculated as a percentage of the points earned by the downline. Additionally, both the upline and downline will receive an airdrop of a certain amount of RND tokens

Earned RND tokens can be considered a liquid crypto asset. You can also hold RND tokens as an investment asset with the potential for future price appreciation. Kindly refer to RND Tokenomics for more information. 

Earned points can be exchanged for RND tokens if you own swap tickets.

With a higher rank, the rewards you earn from your downline will be larger, and, most importantly, they represent as your growting passive income.

Rendemy hopes that the Referral Program will help expand the learning community, allowing you to increase both your knowledge and your income, ultimately contributing to your financial well-being!

Conditions and Rewards

The commission rate will vary depending on your ranking level within Rendemy. Currently, Rendemy has 5 student levels, including Newbie, Seahorse, Octopus, Dolphin, and Whale with the user level's conditions and rewards below 

For instance, You are at the "Whale" rank. When you meet the 3 conditions regarding accumulated points, KYC, and the number of downlines, you will receive 40% commission points from your downline. If the points obtained from your downline are 1000 points, you will receive 400 commission points (40% of 1000 points).

>> Join the Rendemy Affiliate course and receive 100 reward points.

How to Participate

For each account, students will have their own unique referral link and code. You can get your referral link or code via acesssing to and connect your Carax Demon Wallet and clicking to "Referral tab" on's site bar

💡 A valid referral will be counted when your referred friend creates an account and completes Level 2 KYC on Carax Demon Wallet.

KYC guide:


How to Reap Rewards 🌟

Referral commission points sync with your point system as your friends earn points for tasks or class completion. You can check your points on the dashboard in your Demon Wallet.

🔄 Points from the referral program can be swapped to RND.

🔍 Check Your Rank: Visit your dashboard on your Demon Wallet, locate your level on the right, and click to see your points, invites, and points history from your friends.

In a Nutshell

The Rendemy Referral Points program is your ticket to swift point accumulation and passive income growth. Team up with friends, embrace learning, and join the RENEC community – a realm of quality, empathy, and a holistic take on life's facets: inner well-being, health, relationships, and finances. Your support means the world to us! 🙏🌟


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