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Receive RND Token Airdrops when inviting friends to join & learn

Published at October 12, 2023

A hot reward for you and your downline will be enticing and help you attract your downline effectively. Take advantage of this mechanism right away!

As you already know, Token RND is Rendemy's native token. We believe that an instant reward for both you and your downline will be enticing and help you effectively attract more downlines. Take advantage of the instant reward scheme for both upline and downline as follows: 

You and your downline will receive Token RND airdrop when your downline completes 1 LESSON and KYC level 2 within the first 7 days.

Please note: 

This instant reward only occurs once for each downline you earn when they meet the conditions.  

The downline only needs to complete 1 lesson, not necessarily an entire course. One course may consist of multiple lessons. 

In addition to receiving an airdrop of RND tokens together, you also continue to receive commission points from your downline. 

Let's take a look at 2 examples to see how the rewards for both you and your downline work!

Example 1 with the upline: You are at the "Whale" rank, and you will receive 40% commission points from your downline. If the points received from your downlines amount to 1000 points, you will receive 400 commission points (40% of 1000 points).

Moreover, for each downline with KYC level 2 and who completes 1 LESSON within 7 days, you will receive an additional 2 RND tokens. So, you'll have both commission points and RND tokens in your hands.. 

Example 2 with the downline: The upline's rank is "Whale." Within 7 days, the downline completes KYC level 2 and 1 COURSE with a total of 200 reward points. The downline will receive a total of 240 points and 2 RND tokens, as follows:
- 2 RND tokens airdropped when the downline completes 1 LESSON and KYC level 2
- 200 points for completing 1 COURSE
- An additional 40 commission points, equivalent to 20% of the course points, for enrolling and studying through the upline's link at the whale rank.

Isn't it great? Learning and increasing your income has never been more enticing. 

>> Join the Rendemy Affiliate course and receive 100 reward points.

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