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Introducing Course Creation - a game changing feature at Rendemy!🌟

Published at October 23, 2023

Do you have a deep understanding of the field you're passionate about? Do you want to share your knowledge with a wider audience? Join in creating courses on Rendemy, and simultaneously increase your passive income.


At Rendemy, we believe that knowledge is everywhere and can come from anyone. Knowledge isn't just limited to traditional classroom lectures; it can be as simple as a concise, informative video. And now, you can also share your knowledge with the Rendemy community through video content! Are you ready to experience this exciting feature?

To unlock this feature, complete your profile update and receive a 20-point bonus.

1. What to share in your course?

Your course can cover various topics, from soft skills, financial knowledge, health, building relationships to entertainment subjects. Most importantly, you believe your shared knowledge will bring value to others.
Video lessons can be videos you've created or curated from various sources. They may have already been uploaded on YouTube or TikTok. It would be great if your videos were short and to the point, with a frame size of 9:16 (not mandatory).

2. Earning from your course

By creating your own courses, you not only share knowledge but also earn income from your content. You can set the course fee in RND tokens as you like, and 100% of the money from the course goes to you.
Rendemy also supports rewarding users who engage in watching your videos to motivate and stimulate regular learning.

You can create content without any costs.

Additionally, you may also receive tips/donations from users who appreciate your content. This feature will be coming soon. 

3. How to create your course 

With a few simple steps, you can have your own course. It's easier than pie. Courses will be reviewed by the Rendemy admin team before they are officially published.

To unlock this feature, complete your profile update and receive a 20-point bonus.  

Click the "Create Course" tab under your Wallet address, and watch the specific instructions in the video below. If you encounter any difficulties while creating a course, feel free to reach out to us through Rendemy's online chat. 

🎉 To celebrate the launch of this new feature, Rendemy presents an Airdrop Program exclusively for Course Creators on Rendemy with rewards of up to 200 RND.
The program will be launched soon! Stay tuned!


What do you think about the course creation feature? Experience it and provide your feedback to Rendemy in the feedback and survey section!
Rendemy Team.

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