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How to increase your points-to-RND conversion limit?

Published at October 12, 2023

Your points-to-RND conversion limit will depend on your user rank.

The development team would like to update you on the points-to-RND token conversion policy as follows:

The daily conversion limit to RND tokens is based on your member rank:

  • Newbie: 0.5 RND/day
  • Seahorse: 1 RND/day
  • Octopus: 1.5 RND/day
  • Dolphin: 2 RND/day
  • Whale: 2.5 RND/day

RND is a native token of the Rendemy Dapp with a limited supply. The purpose of daily limits is to distribute RND tokens to active and high-ranking members.

To increase your daily limit, you can raise your rank in three ways:

  1. Accumulate points through learning on Rendemy.
  2. Invite friends to join Rendemy through the referral program.
  3. Make sure to complete KYC level 2 for your wallet.

Refer to Tokenomics of RND for more information.

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