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[HOT] Buy 1 get 2 free! - Leverage your learning

Published at April 9, 2024

Rendemy would like to introduce the “buy 1 get 2 free” program to help you save maximum costs on purchasing courses at Rendemy

For every course purchased at Rendemy, you will receive 2 other free courses at 0-Dollar Deal in the form of 2 discount vouchers of 100%.

The steps are very simple!

    • Step 1: Choose to buy a course at Rendemy that you like. You can visit the Courses or Big Deal page or the courses themselves at the page 0-Dollar Deal . After payment, you will immediately receive 2 100% discount vouchers. Visit the voucher management page to check your voucher.


    • Step 2: Visit the 0-Dollar Deal page and select the courses you want to get for free. Proceed to check-out and remember to apply the voucher to get 100% discount.

Courses on the 0-Dollar Deal page are always updated regularly to diversify your options.


100% discount vouchers can only be applied when purchasing courses at the 0-Dollar Deal page.

Wishing you a great learning experience at Rendemy!


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