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Explore Real Estate Tokenization Technology - Airdrop up to 20,000 PROP

Published at December 13, 2023

Exclusive from Propeasy!

We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration between Rendemy and Propeasy, offering a learning opportunity and enticing rewards for participants.

To help the community better understand tokenization technology and how Propeasy has integrated it into its operating model, we've designed a special course on the Rendemy platform. This isn't just an opportunity for you to delve deeper into 'Tokenization,' a technology altering how we invest in real estate, but also a chance to earn additional PROP tokens (Propeasy tokens) upon completing the course.

1. Airdrop Information

Event Duration:

14/12 - 21/12/2023 


A total of up to 20,000 PROP will be airdropped to 2,000 participants who complete the course and quiz the fastest.
Reward Distribution:

    • Wallets that received PROP in the Propeasy Airdrop event (1.11-15.11.2023): 5 PROP per wallet.
    • Wallets that have never received PROP in the Propeasy Airdrop event (1.11-15.11.2023): 10 PROP per wallet.

How to Participate:

    • Step 1. Complete the Course: Access [link] and link your Carax wallet to start learning.
    • Step 2. Finish the Quiz: Answer all questions correctly in the Quiz.
    • Step 3. Update Email Address: Ensure you've updated your email address in the "Account Information" section on Rendemy.

Important Notes:

    • The Airdrop event is limited to 2,000 users who fully complete the 3 required steps the fastest.
    • The results are expected to be announced no later than 26/12/2023 on Propeasy's media channels.
    • Apart from receiving PROP, all participating users will still receive points as usual.
    • In the event of disputes related to PROP, Propeasy's decision will be final.

2. Introducing Propeasy 

About Propeasy
Propeasy is not just an investment platform but also a simplified solution for real estate investing. By applying Tokenization technology on the RENEC Blockchain, Propeasy opens doors for everyone to access real estate 4.0 investment channels easily and transparently.

PROP - Propeasy's Native Token:
PROP isn't just a reward; it also brings unique benefits when you engage in investing with Propeasy. To understand more about PROP's benefits, read more at [link].

First Real Estate Token Project:
Especially, Propeasy has announced the roadmap for their first real estate token project, expected to officially launch at the end of December 2023. Detailed information about this project can be found at [link].

Connect and Follow Propeasy at::
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A Message from Propeasy:

We sincerely thank Rendemy for creating a unique learning platform for the community. We hope the knowledge gained from this course will not only broaden understanding of tokenization technology but also provide an opportunity for you to receive free PROP tokens.

With this knowledge in hand, we believe you'll step into the new and promising realm of real estate 4.0 investment confidently with Propeasy. Thank you for being an integral part of us!


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