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Exclusive privilege for downlines when signing up through referral links

Published at October 5, 2023

🚀 Easily invite your friends to join with one-of-a-kind perks for your downline when they sign up through your referral link.

Understanding that by offering attractive incentives to your friends, the potential to attract your downline is higher, Rendemy grants more power to the referrer. 

The downline will receive commission points immediately after completing 1 COURSE and KYC level 2 within 7 days from logging into Rendemy through your referral link.

Especially, if the downline achieves the Octopus rank within these 7 days, the percentage of the commission points will remain permanent for a lifetime and apply to all future courses.

The percentage of commission points received by the downline depends on the rank of the upline. The higher the upline's rank, the more additional commission points the downline will receive. Therefore, the higher your rank, the easier it is to attract the downline (thanks to the more attractive downline privileges).

The conditions and benefits the downline receives depend on the upline's rank as follows 👇👇

Example 2: The upline's rank is "Whale." Within 7 days, the downline completes KYC and 1 COURSE with a total of 200 reward points. The downline will receive a total of 240 points, specifically as follows:
- The downline receives 200 points upon completing 1 COURSE
- The downline receives an additional 40 commission points, equivalent to 20% of the total course points.

>> Join the Rendemy Affiliate course and receive 100 reward points.

📋 How to Participate

For each account, users will have their own unique referral link and code. You can get your referral link or code via accessing to, connecting your Demon Wallet and clicking to "Referral tab" on's site bar





How long is the referral link's cookie valid?

The referral link's cookie is valid for 14 days. This means that if your friends click on the referral link for the first time, the referral cookie will continue to track your downline for the next 14 days, even if your friends return to Rendemy without using your referral link.


If I use the referral code, where can I tell my friends to input the code?

In some cases, your friends may not yet be your downlines. Send your referral code to your friends. To input the referral code, your friends just need to go to the "Dashboard" in the wallet icon at the top right corner of the screen and enter the code in the "referral code" box.

Note: The referral code input box is only available if the user has not completed any lessons since connecting their wallet for the first time.  


When is a referral successfully recorded?

A successful referral is recorded when a downline successfully logs into Rendemy using the Carax Demon Wallet through your referral link or successfully enters the referral code. 


Don't worry, when your downline opens your referral link, just instruct them to click on the "Connect Wallet" button in the top right corner of the screen, and the wallet setup process will be activated, guiding users through the steps.


After installing the Carax Demon Wallet app or the Chrome browser wallet extension, if your downline has not yet registered their wallet, they will need to create a wallet account. 


[After that, the downline will use this wallet to connect to Rendemy. The user needs to open the Carax Demon Wallet browser and access Rendemy]



When the downline has successfully connected their wallet to Rendemy, you officially have a downline.


However, to start receiving downline commission points, you need to guide your friends to complete KYC level 2. Instruct your friends to go to the "Dashboard" >> "Setting" >> Click "Update KYC" to complete KYC level 2. 



💵 4. How to Reap Rewards


Referral commission points sync with your point system as your friends earn points for tasks or class completion.

You can check your points on the Dashboard in your Carax Demon Wallet.




5. In a Nutshell


Rendemy hopes that with the upgrade Rendemy Referral Program 2.0, you and your friends will both benefit from learning at Rendemy and Passive Income Growth.


Team up with friends, embrace learning and join the RENEC community – a realm of quality, empathy, and a holistic take on life's facets: inner well-being, health, relationships, and finances. Your support means the world to us!

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