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[Exclusive from RENEC Lend] Empower your financial independence with Deposit/Lend tools on RENEC Lend - Airdrop up to 1,000,000 RELEND

Published at February 15, 2024

Did you know many of the world's wealthiest billionaires owe substantial debts to various financial institutions? It's not due to financial mismanagement; instead, it's a savvy strategy to optimize profits and maintain financial flexibility. They leverage borrowing to achieve their goals without directly tapping into personal funds.

Exciting news! Rendemy and RENEC Lend have teamed up for a unique collaboration!
Join our course to not only learn how to use RENEC Lend's Supply/Borrow tools effectively to maximize assets and kickstart your financial independence journey but also to earn additional RENEC and RELEND tokens upon completion.

Airdrop Details

1. Event Time

Feb 16 - Mar 1, 2024

2. Rewards:

Through the course, we aim not only for theoretical knowledge absorption but also practical application. Therefore, rewards will be distributed across 3 levels as follows:

- Level 1: Complete the course and Quiz: Receive 100 RELEND + 0.01 RENEC per wallet
- Level 2: Complete the course and Quiz, successfully execute Supply 0.01 RENEC received in level 1: Receive 200 RELEND per wallet
- Level 3: Complete the course and Quiz, successfully execute Supply 0.01 RENEC received in level 1 and continue to invite friends to successfully Deposit or Borrow: Receive 500 RELEND per wallet

Note: For level 1, we'll consolidate the list daily and award 0.01 RENEC promptly. Utilize the 0.01 RENEC reward from level 1 to continue Supplying and strive for levels 2 and 3.

3. How to Participate:

- Step 1. Complete the Course: Access [link] and connect your Carax wallet to start learning.

- Step 2. Complete the Quiz: Answer all questions correctly in the Quiz.

- Step 3. Update Email Address: Ensure you've updated your email address in the "Account Information" section on Rendemy.

4. Important Notes:

- Rewards in RELEND across levels won't be cumulative. We'll reward based on the highest RELEND amount achieved per wallet.

- Results will be announced by Mar 5, 2024, through RENEC Lend's media channels.

- Besides receiving RENEC and RELEND, all participating users will still earn points as usual on the Rendemy platform.

- In case of disputes regarding RENEC and RELEND, RENEC Lend's decision is final.

Introducing RENEC Lend and RELEND token.

RENEC Lend is the first Supply and Borrow project on the RENEC Blockchain, allowing users to either supply or borrow tokens. In simple terms, RENEC Lend has pools where suppliers can deposit tokens and earn interest or use those deposits to borrow tokens from other pools.

RELEND is the native token of the RENEC Lend platform, and owning RELEND comes with a range of unique advantages on our platform:

✅ Governance and Upgrades

✅ Staking RELEND

✅ Providing Liquidity on NemoSwap DEX

✅ Special Borrowing Fees and Lower Loan Interest Rates

✅ Trading RELEND on DEXs and CEXs

✅ Exclusive Program Benefits

If you want to learn more about how to acquire RELEND, don't forget to check out the details in this RELEND Tokenomics announcement

Don't forget to join the RENEC Lend community to stay updated, discuss, and interact with the support team:

📢 Telegram Channel | 👥 Community Telegram Group


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