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Big Deals – Your Saving Buddy!

Published at January 18, 2024

Hello, Rendemy learners! We've got some thrilling news to share with you – a brand new feature that's going to revolutionize the way you buy courses. Welcome to Rendemy Big Deals!

Get Udemy Courses at Half the Price with RND Tokens!

Ever wished you could snag Udemy courses at a whopping 50% discount? Well, your wish just came true with Rendemy Big Deal
Now, you can purchase courses with RND tokens at half the price compared to Udemy, even when Udemy is running discount programs. 

Phase 1: Jan 2024 - Pilot

During the Pilot Phase, starting January 2024, you have the chance to be a part of the decision-making process:

    1. Course Exploration: Go to “Big Deal” tab and Search for courses in your preferred industries.
    2. Vote for courses: Express your interest by voting for the courses you want.
    3. Course Release: Once a course accumulates 5 votes, Rendemy will release it and notify the voting users.

This innovative approach ensures that we bring you courses that truly matter to the community, all at an incredible 50% discount.

Phase 2: Feb 2024 - Level Up

Brace yourselves for the full functionality of Big Deals in February 2024:

    1. Direct Purchase: No more waiting for votes. Purchase your desired courses directly at a 50% discount using RND tokens.
    2. Quick Course Access: After your purchase, anticipate just a 24-hour wait, and the course will be readily available to you.

Be the First to Experience Big Deals!

If you're interested, submit your Rendemy email and wallet address here. We'll notify you when Phase 2 is live and ready for action.


With Big Deal, we're making high-quality education even more affordable. Join Rendemy Big Deals now and embark on a learning journey filled with savings and knowledge!

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