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🚀 [New Feature] Purchase courses directly with reVND, reUSD

Published at March 14, 2024

Receive a massive discount of 90% when purchasing from March 15-21

In a world where online education is booming, Rendemy continually seeks solutions to provide the best learning experience for users. Rendemy has updated a new feature - Purchase courses directly with reVND, and reUSD.

Smooth Payments, Study to Your Heart's Content

From now on, you can enjoy the convenience of paying for courses directly with reVND or reUSD, without the need to convert through RND as before.

[Exclusive] Massive 90% discount on all courses and NFT gifts

Just by holding at least 200 RND Tokens in your Carax wallet, you can purchase any course at Rendemy with a direct discount of 90%, within 7 days from March 15-21.
A golden opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge while saving a substantial amount!

    • 🔥 Benefit: Purchase any course with a direct discount of 90%.
                         The first 100 buyers will receive 10 RENEC Tokens and 1 special NFT from Rendemy
    • 🔥 Conditions: Hold at least 200 RND Tokens in your Carax wallet and successfully purchase a course
    • 🔥 Time: 7 days from March 15-21, 2024

How to participate

    • Step 1: Connect your wallet with 
    • Step 2: Hold at least 200 RND Tokens in your Carax wallet*
    • Step 3: Choose the course you like with a 90% discount
    • Step 4: Pay with reVND/reUSD

*Read more:
How to onramp reVND, reUSD with Nenoswap: link
How to onramp reVND, reUSD with Remitano

        • Step 1: Go to the wallet section of Remitano, and find the VNDR section. Note: if you don’t have VNDR, you can deposit VNDR through Remitano.
        • Step 2: Choose to convert
        • Step 3: Select reVND, convert
        • Step 4: Withdraw reVND to your Carax wallet

Make sure you hold at least 200 RND, and purchase during the promotional period from March 15-21 to buy with a 90% discount, and have the chance to receive 10 RENEC and 1 special NFT!

Rendemy is always committed to improving and developing, bringing the best solutions for its learning community.
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