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🚀 [HOT] Earn Passive Income From Rendemy Courses

Published at March 18, 2024

📣 Rendemy updates its Affiliate program - a great opportunity for you to increase your income and share knowledge with the community!

Share knowledge - Earn commissions right away!

The wise have always said, helping others expand their knowledge is like accumulating merit, improving your own life, and attracting good things to yourself.
Based on this principle, Rendemy has developed an Affiliate program that allows you to share courses with friends and earn a 5% commission on the course value.
Moreover, you can also receive reward points from your downline when they complete lessons, depending on your membership rank.

How to earn 5% commission

Step 1: Connect your wallet to
Step 2: Choose a course you love. Copy the link and share
              All course links on Rendemy, once the wallet is connected, come with an affiliate suffix, which is very convenient!

Step 3: Earn an instant 5% commission for each course purchased through your link!
          Commissions will be delivered in RND tokens, based on the total course fee you share. Visit the LINK to track your commissions. 

🔗 Start sharing and enjoy extra income from every successful course referral!
📢 Don't miss out! Join Rendemy now!

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